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Salvation in the Tribulation

Thursday, 25 Aug 2016 Leave a comment

A new teaching has been uploaded to the Writings page called Can I Still Be Saved?

The Tribulation period after the Rapture will be a scary time for those left behind. But, the scariest moment will be for those who immediately know what has happened and wonder if it is now too late to be saved. This message provides clear assurance that salvation will still be available and will function in the same manner as it does today in the Age of Grace.

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End Times Event Sequence Notes

Sunday, 21 Aug 2016 Leave a comment

Study notes on the sequence of events that will occur during the end times have been uploaded to the Writings page as a document called End Times Event Sequence.

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God’s Loving Last Chance

Friday, 19 Aug 2016 Leave a comment

A new teaching has been uploaded to the Writings page called God’s Loving Last Chance.

In today’s message we look at one of God’s main objectives in the Tribulation period after the Rapture that is often overlooked or underemphasized: salvation for those left behind.

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The Three Comings of Christ

Saturday, 23 Jul 2016 Leave a comment

A new teaching has been uploaded to the Writings page called The Three Comings of Christ.

All Christians believe that Christ will come again. This is a simple, clear fact of the New Testament. But, very few understand that Christ will actually come again twice. In this article we examine the three comings of Christ.

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Tares, Wheat, and Chick-fil-A

Thursday, 2 Aug 2012 Leave a comment

I recently read a book by Mel Montgomery (Preparing to Welcome the Anti-Christ) in which he offers an interesting interpretation of the parable of the tares and the wheat. Instead of this occurring at the time of judgment, Montgomery offers that this separation could be an ongoing process in preparation for the time of judgment. Written in 2009, he observed that the dialogue between believers and unbelievers had broken down and become full of hatred and strife to the point where they could not even agree to do things for the common good. The gap between the sides had grown and the size of the gap was accelerating. Montgomery speculated that this process is actually the separation of the wheat from the tares. Those opposed to God, Christ, and the Bible are increasingly distinguished, at their own choice, from Christians and refuse to dialogue or even interact with them.

At the very least this is an interesting interpretation. But, I believe events happening right now give much credence to the interpretation.

Enter Dan Cathy of Chick-fil-A. After speaking in favor of traditional family values in an interview for a Christian magazine, Dan in particular and Chick-fil-A in general endured a firestorm of hatred and criticism from those in favor of gay marriage and the like. Some of their comments are most telling and I believe dramatically demonstrate the separation process.

A number of politicians in various liberal cities (e.g. Rahm Emmanuel, Thomas Menino, etc.) essentially told Chick-fil-A that they were not welcome in their cities, that they should not thinking of expanding in thier cities, or even that they should leave. This is nothing more than a statement of a desire for separation. Of their own choice and volition, the tares are voicing a desire for separation. (As a side question – will America allow this separation to be enforced, and if so, will it eventually lead to outright persecution of Christians?) What Jesus foretold some 2000 years ago is unfolding before our eyes. The tares are being separated from the wheat, and it is not the work of the Lord or even of His children – it is the choice of the tares themselves.

What should be our response as Christians? Love them. Tell them God loves them. Tell them God has a plan for their life that would make them happier and more fulfilled than they ever have been or could ever be on their own. Tell them that He only wants to have a relationship with them to show them His love. In other words, tell them the Gospel – the Good News.

If we condemn them it will only drive them away. This is why God told us that the Gospel is Good News, not bad news. Reserve condemnation and judgment to God in His time. For now His wrath is being withheld to give us all a chance to respond to what God did for us through Christ. Show them this truth. As it is for each of us, it is their only hope.

– Be loved and blessed to be love and a blessing

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