The Three Comings of Christ

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A new teaching has been uploaded to the Writings page called The Three Comings of Christ.

All Christians believe that Christ will come again. This is a simple, clear fact of the New Testament. But, very few understand that Christ will actually come again twice. In this article we examine the three comings of Christ.

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The Things Concerning Himself

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A new teaching is available today. But, this message is primarily a video message – a first for Effectual Faith ~ The Hope of Glory.

Video message: The Things Concerning Himself (YouTube)
Study guide: The Things Concerning Himself (PDF)

I have read the story of Jesus walking with the men on the road to Emmaus a number of times. My usual response at the point in the story where Jesus “expounds unto them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself” was, “Luke, why didn’t you write all of it down?!”  When I read this passage most recently, I had a completely different response.  I clearly felt the Holy Spirit spark the idea in me to create a message that imagined what Jesus might have said to the disciples on the road to Emmaus.
This message is the culmination of that inspiration from the Holy Spirit. It begins with Moses and winds through all the prophets laying out those prophesies about the Messiah that Jesus might have illustrated to them.  It imagines how Jesus might have showed them that they should have clearly recognized Jesus as the Christ, the Messiah.
This message is relevant to both Christians and unbelievers.  For Christians, it should inspire tremendous faith that God fulfills His promises completely.  There are a number of prophecies yet unfulfilled, and many promises have been made to Christians based on the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Reminding ourselves how faithful God is should stir great faith in us to believe God for things we need in our lives. It is one of the vital parts in the Law of Faith for receiving from God – faith is what gives substance to the things we hope for. (See the teaching “The Law of Faith” for more.)
For unbelievers, many people simply do not realize that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus were so specifically predicted 400 to 1,800 years before they occurred. This message can be a starting point for them to begin learning of God’s love and provision for them both now and in eternity.
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I Am

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A new teaching has been uploaded to the Writings page called I Am.

Many casual observers simply believe that Christ was a great teacher. What they fail to realize is that He taught that He was God. Repeatedly. Pervasively. While these people pick and choose what they think was “reasonable” in His teachings, a significant portion of His ministry taught or demonstrated healing, God’s kingdom, and who He was. And, He made claims that He challenges each of us to accept or reject. Given the apparent audacity of the claims, He made sure we could trust Him through prophecies He fulfilled (both spoken by Old Testament prophets and by Himself during His ministry) and through the testimony of hundreds of eyewitnesses to His resurrection.

Today, consider Christ’s claim that He is God.

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The Law of Faith

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A new teaching has been uploaded to the Writings page called The Law of Faith.

There is no rigid process of recipe for receiving from God. But, that doesn’t mean there are not principles that can be violated. God made the entire universe, physical and spiritual, to operate with laws. While we do not have a perfect understanding of spiritual laws, God has provided us quite a bit of insight in some areas. This teaching looks at the law of faith.

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Why Matter Vibrates

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This is something to just get you thinking. I don’t have a scripture to “prove” why matter vibrates, but consider the following.

The physical universe was spoken into existence (read Genesis 1). This means words – sound. But sound is a vibration. Isn’t it entirely possible that matter vibrates since its creation due to the source of its creation – the voice of God?

If you wonder whether the laws of physics were in place before the universe existed, hang in there. Discussions about natural law in the spiritual realm are to come in the near future. If you just can’t wait, start with the writings of Henry Drummond, especially “Natural Law in the Spiritual World” which is freely available on Google Books.

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Acts Chapter 29 (Miracles and Healing Still Happen)

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A new teaching has been uploaded to the Writings page called Acts Chapter 29 (Miracles and Healing Still Happen).

The book of Acts ends with Chapter 28. But, the book of Acts did not end; it just stopped. The story continues; the writer just stopped writing. We are today continuing to write the next chapter of Acts – Acts Chapter 29. Its contents should not be different than the previous twenty-eight chapters. Christ is living through those who believe in Him. He is touching the lives of others through people. Part of that interaction includes miracles, signs and wonders, and healing as the full gospel of the grace of Jesus Christ is preached and taught. This teaching will hopefully help lead you through miracles and healing in the Gospels, in the book of Acts, and beyond.

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That’s My King

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When we attended Agape Church in Little Rock in 2011, Pastor Happy Caldwell occasionally played an abridged version of a short sermon called “That’s My King” by an African-American preacher named S. M. Lockridge. This is an incredible testimony of and tribute to who God is.

Two classic moments in this sermon are
– after 4 minutes of describing God, he says, “Well, I wish I could describe Him to you.”
– the ending: “Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever and ever and ever. How long is that? And ever and ever and ever and ever. And when you get through with all of the forever’s, then…  Amen.”

There are a number of video versions of the abridged version:

There is also an unabridged version of the “That’s My King” portion of the sermon that is well worth your time to listen to:

And, the entire sermon is also available, with the “That’s My King” portion nearer to the end:

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