Lesser Known Bible Translations
The New Testament in Modern English by J. B. Phillips (1972)

Bible Commentary
Life for Today by Andrew Wommack – my first stop for Bible commentary; I believe there are print editions for the Gospels, Romans, and Corinthians; there is also an electronic Living Commentary that is updated monthly through Andrew Wommack Ministries; the commentary is housed as a commentary / book  in the WORDsearch software
The Companion Bible by E. W. Bullinger

Healing Books
Christ the Healer by F. F. Bosworth – my first introduction to healing; a wonderful older book
Healing the Sick by T. L. Osborn – God healed my wife through me while we were reading this book together

That’s My King by S. M. Lockridge

Andrew Wommack and Charis Bible College

English-Greek New Testament
A minister commented to me a while back that he could not find a (currently available) side-by-side parallel English-Greek New Testament. After digging around a bit myself, I couldn’t find one either. So, I set about creating one for him. The English-Greek Parallel New Testament is available as a PDF download.

To download the English-Greek Parallel New Testament, click here.

Harmony of the Gospels
Presented here is a Harmony of the Gospels that also focuses on the fulfillment of Old Testament scriptures in the life of Christ and on the magnitude of healing in the ministry of Christ.

There have surely been a number of chronological presentations of the Gospels that also attempt to harmonize the events in the life of Christ between the four Gospels. But, the one that I have been most impressed with is the version by Andrew Wommack. His chronology and harmony appeared in print form in the Gospels version of his Life for Today Bible commentary. But, it is not available in electronic form. So, I set out to create an electronic version that included only the chronology and harmony of the Gospels. To this I added two features: a list of prophecies fulfilled by Christ and their fulfillment in the Gospels (for those seeking Christ, especially our Jewish brethren) and a list of healings in the ministry of Christ (for Christians and non-Christians in need of healing).

To download the Harmony of the Gospels, click here.

To report errors in the document, please email effectualfaith at gmail dot com

The Believer’s New Covenant Bible Reading Plan
As a Christian, understanding the finished work of Christ and knowing who you are in Christ is of utmost importance. But, many Bible reading plans fail to bring the New Testament forward enough. This Bible reading plan emphasizes the New Testament in addition to incorporating features that some people very much appreciate. Some features of the plan are:

  • Read the New Testament twice each year
  • Read a portion of the New Testament each day
  • Read the Old Testament once each year
  • Psalms and Proverbs are scattered through the year
  • Most books are read completely before moving on to a new book
  • Each month has only 25 readings which allows for reflection or days to catch-up if you fall behind

You can download the Believer’s New Covenant Bible Reading Plan here.

The Tarahumara New Testament
The Tarahumara are a group of natives who live in Mexico. I was acquainted with a church for a time that was ministering to them. This is a translation of the New Testament in their language, adapted from work by the Wycliffe Bible translators.

You can download the Tarahumara New Testament here.

  1. Kamil
    Tuesday, 8 May 2012 at 10:39 PM

    Hi Kevin,
    Congratulation on the great job you’ve done by typesetting the English-Greek Parallel New Testament! I’d like to do something similar with Czech public domain bible but don’t have experience with typesetting.Would you be willing to share how you did it? Thanks a lot.

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