Posts that are general writings that relate to a specific topic are often gathered together into a single document for easier access as a complete teaching. The following writings are available for download. Right click on the file and select “Save As…” to download the file.

Prepare Your Heart (PDF)

Resurrection Appearances of Christ (PDF)

The Completeness of Salvation (PDF)

Salvation in Christ Alone (PDF)

Healing in Every Book of the Bible (PDF)

Acts Chapter 29 (Miracles and Healing Still Happen) (PDF)

The Law of Faith (PDF)

I Am (PDF)

The Things Concerning Himself (PDF or YouTube)

The Three Comings of Christ (PDF)

The Sabbath Rest (PDF)

Cause and Effect (PDF)

Progressive Revelation (PDF)

God’s Loving Last Chance (PDF)

End Times Event Sequence (PDF)

Can I Still Be Saved? (PDF)

Eternal Redemption (PDF)

What Just Happened? (PDF)

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